The Palomino rocking horses were designed in Northland and are constructed from laminated plywood in a traditional rocking horse shape. This design is very strong. They are then fitted with horse hair mane and tail, glass eyes and genuine leather saddle and bridle. The horse is finished in either a wax, polyurethane or paint. The Palomino is available on either bow rockers or swinger stands in a range of mane colours and saddle styles.

Swamp Kauri

Key Characteristics

  • This horse is suitable for a child from around 4 years of age to adult.
  • Stands 1100mm high from the ground to the top of the ear and 850mm from nose to tail.
  • The bow rocker is 1600mm long. Swing stand is 1500 mm long
  • Available with a standard English saddle in black or brown leather
  • Complete with removable leather bridle.
  • Timber plaque – choose your horses name and add a dedication
  • Height 1100mm
  • Length 1500mm

Priced at

On bow rocker: $2300NZD + shipping On swing stand: $2400NZD + shipping Click here for more info on prices and ordering